Assura Protect – Claims

Assura Protect understand how important it is to deal with your claims as quickly as possible so you can stop worrying about your finances and concentrate on your family and or getting well again.

  • you can focus on getting well again, and /or
  • family can manage affairs with greater financial security.

Compass Underwriting Ltd. manages claims process for both the Term Life and Critical Illness Policies. Their experienced medical claims team will strive to make the experience quick, efficient, and compassionate.

To make a claim Life Cover Policies and Critical Illness Policies:

Please contact Compass at:

  • Compass Underwriting Limited
  • 30 Dukes Place
  • London
  • EC3A 7LP

To call from a:

  • land line free of charge please dial 0800 032 77 75
  • mobile number please dial +44 (0) 20 3758 974

Please note to make an eligible claim you must:

  • Notify Compass of your claim within 30 days or as soon as you reasonably can.
  • Return your claim form within 60 days or you must write to Compass with your reasons for the delay. If you delay in sending a claim form, it may make your claim harder to confirm.
  • Give Compass permission to see your medical records and/or reports as set out in the Data Protection Act and/or the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988.

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