Assura Protect – Term Life with Critical Illness Cover

Cost effective Critical Illness coverage providing lump sum benefits up to £50,000.

In the event you are diagnosed with a critical illness focus should be on your treatment and recovery and not on any newly caused financial burden or concerns.

Critical Illnesses in the UK are both widespread and increasingly impact a growing number of the families.

The statistics* are truly sobering, and in the UK:

  • Someone has a heart attack every 2 minutes.
  • An estimated 150,000 people have a stroke per year. That is 1 person every 5 minutes.
  • 927 new cases of cancer are diagnosed every day.

*Sources are available at the bottom of this page

Applying for Cover

  • guaranteed acceptance when you meet the eligibility criteria
  • quick & easy on-line application (Click here for quote)
  • no medicals or GP reports

Assura Protect Term Life and Critical Illness Policy will not cover you for a critical illness:

  • which is a result of symptoms of, medication or treatment for, or advice about such a illness within three years before the policy start date and where there has not been a clear two year period after the start date of the policy during which the member has been free of medication for, treatment for, and advice about such a illness or related condition.
  • where your failure to seek or follow medical advice, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS or HIV) or AIDS Related complex (ARC), medical operations or treatments.

What is covered?

Table of Benefits

Level 1

Level 2

Please see the Term Life and Critical Illness Cover Policy Document for a detailed explanation of the conditions and exclusions.


  • Coronary Heart Disease Statistics Report 2012
  • Stroke Statistics 2013
  • Cancer Statistics 2012Conditions

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