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Assura Protect launches Dividend Life

by | Aug 13, 2023

Contact: Media Relations / Assura Protect
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Monday July 31st, 2023: Assura + Protect, a London-based digital Life Insurance platform, has launched Dividend Life – Term and Multi-Claim Critical Illness Cover with 200% Multi-Claim Critical Illness and Dual Life protection.

Founded by Actuaries, Advisors, Underwriters, and Technologists, Assura + Protect believes that extended life expectancies, increased critical illness recovery, changing family dynamics, and more diverse lifestyle choices make traditional one claim, one benefit life protection increasingly ill-suited for modern life.

On the launch of Dividend Life, CEO Charles John Donley further added:

“As a challenger Life Insurance provider, Assura Protect has a simple vision – to provide policy holders with exceptional value for premium and deliver more fit for purpose protection.

Unlike traditional life and critical illness policies, where protection ceases after the initial benefit payment, Assura + Protect focuses on multi-claim protection.

Dividend Life policies offer:

• 200% Critical Illness cover where policyholders can make up to 3 separate claims.
• 200% Dual Life cover, which unlike traditional joint policies, covers both lives not just one.

Policyholder experience is further elevated through the Annabel App which hosts Assura’s benefits and rewards platform, Doctor-on-Demand, claims tracker, and policy concierge service.

Additionally, Assura’s full stack digital platform and simplified direct-to-consumer model keeps costs low where savings are reinvested through lower customer premiums and no additional costs for multi-claim covers or policy benefits.”

Interested clients will be able to purchase Dividend Life directly through Assura advisors or online at

Dividend Life offers:

+ 200% Multi-Claim Critical Illness Cover with 3 claims covering a total of 46 conditions.
+ 200% Dual Life Cover covering both partners’ lives, not just the first.
+ Doctor-on-Demand with 24/7 virtual GP and Prescription Services.
+ Annabel Rewards with over 300 retail partners.
+ A dedicated policy concierge service catering to your every need.
+ Direct access to leading global periodicals.

At Assura + Protect, Life Empowered is more than a motto – it is our commitment to policyholders.

See how Dividend Life Cover, Benefits & Premiums compare to national U.K. life insurers and get a complimentary quote.

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