Multi-Claim Critical Illness Cover

Modern Life Insurance with:

200% Multi-Claim Critical Illness Cover

200% Dual Life Cover
Doctor-on-Demand with 24/7 GP Services
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Policy Highlights


Life and Critical Illness Protection


40 Major Conditions & 6 Additional Partial Conditions covered.1


Critical illness cover is segmented into five Major Condition categories:

Cancer & HIV
Cancer & HIV
Organ Failure
Organ Failure

Maximum of 3 Major Conditions claims per policy. (To a maximum of one claim for each of the major conditions categories.)


Maximum benefit of up to 200% of initial sum assured for Major Condition claims.


Additional Partial Covers do not count towards maximum Major Condition benefit payment(s).


Any Death Benefit is applied to your 3 Major Condition claims allowance.


Multi-Claim Cover is included on all Critical Illness policies, without additional premium charges.

1Full Condition Summary can be found in Dividend Life Policy Guide. Please click the link to download.

Advantages of Multi-Claim Critical Illness Cover

Modern life requires modern insurance solutions. Modern medicine has both improved the quality of life and dramatically increased the likelihood of surviving a serious illness. Living longer, however, creates its own set of complexities, primarily increased exposure to serious illness later in life.

Traditional critical illness policies, which pay a single lump sum benefit on an initial claim (after which the cover ends), are becoming increasingly ill-suited for modern life.

This has been the catalyst for the development of Assura Protect’s Dividend Life, with 200% multi-claim Critical Illness Cover being the simple goal of providing “Better Cover … Longer”.

Cover compared after an initial claim….

Traditional Term Life or Critical Illness


Assura Dividend Life and Critical Illness

Policy ends.

Policy continues.

Policyholder life cover ceases.

Policyholder life cover remains.

Ineligible for a death benefit.

Eligible for a death benefit.

Benefit & Claim Summary

  • The benefit amount for the first two successful Major Conditions Critical Illness claims is 75%2 of the sum assured at the time of the Claimable Event (the date on which you are diagnosed with the condition you are claiming for).
  • The benefit amount for a third successful Major Condition Critical Illness claim is 50%2 of the sum assured at the time of the Claimable Event.
  • Where a death, terminal illness or total permanent disability claim is related to a Major Conditions Critical illness condition for which we have already paid a claim, the death claim will be paid at 25%2 of the sum assured.

2Please click Benefit Payment Calculator link for benefit payment scenarios.

Dividend Life Multi-Claim Critical Illness Cover & Eligibility

  • For both Level Term and Decreasing Term policies, the maximum amount of protection that can be purchased is up to £1,000,000. Your specific amount of cover may vary based on your age, health, and our underwriting criteria.
  • The maximum term for a Dividend Life Policy is 40 years.
  • The minimum age you can take out a policy is 18 years old.
  • The maximum age a policy can be taken out is the day before your 65th birthday.
  • The latest your policy term can end is the day before your 70th birthday.

Included with your Assura Policy

  • Guaranteed Insurability Option
  • Accident Cover
  • Child Critical Illness Cover

Additional Policy Options3

  • Dual Life Cover
  • Total Permanent Disability Cover

3Subject to incremental premium charges.

More information can be found in the Dividend Life Product Guide.

** For a comparison of Level Term and Decreasing Term benefit payment scenarios please click here.

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