Robo Advisor

Hi, I am Annabel.

As your digital insurance partner, my job is to help you establish Best Fit Life Cover by:

  1. Identifying your individual life protection needs.
  2. Optimising protection and policy selection.
  3. Finding cost-effective premiums.

Our Robo Advisor platform will prepare a bespoke Life Cover Report outlining:


Any Life Insurance need(s).


If existing protection requires updating due to changes in personal circumstances.


Which type of life cover will best meet your specific protection needs.


Which policy and cover structure will have the lowest premiums to provide you with the greatest savings and peace of mind.

Upon completion, your Best Fit Life Cover Report will be emailed to you from

Click Robo Advisor to start your bespoke Life Cover & Needs Assessment. Alternatively, you can simply click Quick Quote to find your right cover.