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Dual Life vs Joint Life Summary (£100,000 Sum Assured Example)

Traditional Joint Life

Assura Protect Dual Life

Dual Life vs Joint Life Summary - Traditional Joint Life
One / Or
Dual Life vs Joint Life Summary - Traditional Joint Life

Dual Life vs Joint Life Summary - Assura Protect Dual Life
Both / And
Dual Life vs Joint Life Summary - Assura Protect Dual Life

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Both Lives

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Similar/Equivalent Monthly Premiums

Similar/Equivalent Monthly Premiums

Traditional Joint Cover Life Insurance

In partnerships, where household income, expenses, and mortgages are managed collectively, couples often see the benefits of shared financial planning.

This is also applicable to life insurance where couples regularly opt for Joint Life cover, to protect both partners, and provide shared security. Traditional Joint Life Cover, however, has some additional protection considerations, which include:


Policy terminates when one partner passes away.


Provides a single death benefit payment only.


Relatively expensive policy premiums versus the cover provided.

Assura Dual Life Cover

For couples looking for combined protection, Assura Protect provides Dual Life Cover, instead of Joint Life, as it offers policyholders several distinct advantages:

Insures each partner separately, and will pay a benefit on both deaths, not just the first.

If one person dies before the other, protection for the survivor remains in place.


With twice as much effective cover and Sum Assured Dual Life provide greater value for premium to policyholders.

Separate beneficiaries can be nominated for each benefit payment when placing the policy in trust, thereby simplifying estate planning.
Dual Life is available on all Assura Term Life and Multi-Claim Critical Illness policies.