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The Multi-Claim Calculator User Guide

by | May 7, 2024

Introducing the Multi-Claim Calculator User Guide, your informative guide to using the award-winning Multi-Claim Cover Calculator to estimate your potential benefits and total cover available for Dividend Life from Assura + Protect.

Whether you’re a current policyholder or new to Dividend Life cover, this powerful tool simplifies the process of determining your protection needs.

What is the Dividend Term Life & Critical Illness Multi-Claim Benefit Calculator?

The Dividend Term Life & Critical Illness Multi-Claim Benefit Calculator is a user-friendly tool designed to help you calculate the level of protection you need based on your personal circumstances. It offers:

1. Customised Protection Assessment

Select your desired level of protection and policy sum assured. Tailor your coverage precisely to your needs.

2. Different Conditions and Claims Scenarios.

Explore different conditions and claims scenarios relevant to your personal situation to assess their impact.

3. Estimation of Potential Benefits and Total Cover available.

Understand the potential benefits and total cover available for Assura + Protect’s market-leading Dividend Life cover.

This Term Life and Multi-Claim Critical Illness insurance policy offers Better Cover, Longer, including up to 200% Multi-Claim Critical Illness and Dual Life Protection, in addition to life empowering benefits and rewards.

Armed with the results from the Multi-Claim Calculator, you can make informed decisions about protecting your family and income.

Click the button below to download the Multi-Claim Calculator User Guide.

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