FAQ – Dividend Life

1. What is Dividend Life?

Dividend Life is a Term Life and Critical Illness insurance policy that offers:

  • 200% Multi-Claim Critical Illness Cover
  • 200% Dual Life Cover
  • Lifestyle & Wellbeing Benefits
  • Engaged Health Care
  • Personal Financial News & Insights

2. What is Assura Dividend Term Life with 200% Multi-Claim Critical Illness Cover?

A life and critical illness insurance policy allowing you to:

  • Make up to 3 critical illness claims for different conditions per policy.
  • Receive maximum benefit of up 200% of initial sum assured for life and major critical illness claims.
  • You can access the Multi-Claim calculator here for a better understanding of the Dividend Life with Critical Illness cover.

3. What are the 3 policy “dividends” available for Assura Dividend Term Life?

  • 200% Multi-Claim Critical Illness cover
  • Life Empowered Benefits and Rewards
  • Engaged Health Care with Doctor-on-Demand

4. How many claims can I make?

You may make up to three unrelated claims for major critical illness conditions. In aggregate, these major claim benefits can total up to 200% of your sum assured.

5. Can I make a claim for the same condition twice?

No. We cannot pay out twice for the same condition. You can only make a claim one from each of the five Major Multi-Condition categories:

All claims must be for ‘unrelated’ conditions and not claimed under the same major condition category.

6. Are my premiums fixed?

Yes. Your premiums are fixed for the entire policy duration..unless you choose to change your level of cover.

7. Do I have to pay extra to add Multi-Claim cover to an Assura Dividend Term Life with Critical Illness policy?

No. Multi-Claim cover is included on all Critical Illness policies without additional premium charges.

8. Do I have to pay extra for add Annabel Benefits & Rewards to my Assura Dividend Term Life with Critical Illness policy?

No. Full Annabel Benefits & Rewards are included on all policies at no additional cost.

9. What is the Maximum Sum Assured for Assura Dividend Term Life policies?

For both Level Term and Decreasing Term Life policies, you may purchase up to £1,000,000* worth of cover (*subject to age and underwriting criteria).

10. Can I add Dual Life cover to an Assura Dividend Term Life with Critical Illness policy?

Yes. Assura Dual Life cover offers combined protection for couples and offers several distinct advantages over traditional joint policies, which include:

  • Cover on both lives not just first.
  • 200% maximum benefit amounts.
  • Longer total protection periods.
  • With monthly premiums similar to joint policies.

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